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Autumn at Khotso

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

This is Raymond (aka Ray, aka The Boss) reporting from Khotso. Over the next while I will be putting paw to paper and keeping you abreast of all the goings on here at Khotso. As the prime feline on the farm and overall head honcho, I feel that I am the best candidate to give a candid account from behind the scenes. Using my unparalleled stealth capabilities and near x-Ray vision (the clue is in the name), I will go where no other cat is crazy enough to go and give you the dirt on Khotso.

Calm has been restored since the recent madness surrounding In The Saddle and the 7 day adventure Khotso’s team hosted on horse back in Lesotho. A raging success, so I am told. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FOR FUTURE DATES.

More exciting news surrounding the LESOTHO EXPEDITION - our epic 3 day trip has officially been accepted for the Presidents Award Gold Level. So if any of you youngsters out there are looking for the adventure of a lifetime which will help you on your way to a bright future at the same time, please get in touch!

Khotso has a new member in the Team in the form of Vicky Johnson, our very own RESIDENT MOUNTAIN GUIDE. She will be on hand to guide a variety of hikes, on the farm, overnighting in caves in the Drakensberg, proudly one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites or for a multi day trip to Lesotho.

Otherwise it has been lambs lambs and more lambs! With winter pulling in and the land free from parasites and other unwanted pests, it’s safe for our ewes to bring new life to our beautiful farm. Come and help feed the young ones.

Must dash - there’s a pigeon giving me a funny look and I think I need to go and sort that feathery mother out.

In the next episode - SCHOOLS! Khotso will be overrun by students from all over the world as well as from KZN when we’re welcoming Kearnsney, DHS and many more school groups!

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