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Khotso & Sani Pass 4x4 Day Tours

Experience the world-famous Sani Pass up close and personal with the industry-leading 4x4 tour operator

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One of the main attractions in the Southern Drakensberg is undoubtedly the breathtaking Sani Pass. With its hair-raising switch-back turns, 1.5km vertical climb and opportunities to see deep into the mountains from on high, it’s a must-see for road lovers and those keen to experience the thrill of the Drakensberg from the comfort of their own seat.Khotso is perfectly situated to experience this incredible route and is only a short drive from the Sani Pass itself. We use exclusively the most established industry-leading operator in the area, Sani Pass Day Tours. They’ll even pick you up from our doorstep.With expertly trained drivers who are also qualified guides as well, let Sani Pass Day Tours safely lead you up one of the most extreme roads in the world to catch a glimpse into the magnificent and remote Lesotho from the only access point to the country from Kwa Zulu Natal.Perfect for family adventures, those without a 4x4 vehicle of their own, or any size ofgroup, call us to arrange your trip or simply book through the link below directly with Sani Pass Day Tours to make sure you do not miss one of the biggest attractions in the Southern Drakensberg.

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