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The Summer Is Summering!

Hi, it’s Raymond again with some very interesting perspectives from Khotso.

As always, the tubing has been a major success this year. I would say the highlight was the Trail ‘n Tube with about 260 runners, far too many for me to count. But the upside of it was that all money raised was for the local Giants Cup Animal Welfare, which rescues animals less fortunate than me who haven’t’ got homes. This made me feel very proud of myself to help out. Helping others gives one purr-pose. To see our runners results: . And be sure to check out the Mountain Runner Instagram page for updates: .

There has been quite a lot of rain here in the mountains, which means some time spent indoors. Purr-fect weather for cuddling on the couch, I would say. The rain also gave the tubing a boost since the river flooded a couple of times and made the ride very fun, not that I would go as cats aren’t that water friendly. I would rather sit comfortably at Balam Riverdeck and watch the tubers pass by. Be sure to check out the Instagram:

Many campers have been in and out of here, meaning I get to be loved all the more. I can’t help the fact that I am the most gorgeous cat they have ever seen. But then Ana would come along and steal MY paparazzi. Agh, moving on to my other fans then.

We also have a brand new tack room addition! This disrupted my day incredibly. Although it looked impressive while building, with the vibrant colours, ladders, and all… it was much too distressful. A cat thrives on his beauty sleep. When I awoke to find the tack room finished, it was posh pur-etty. The walls had new Khotso logos on them and inside was neat and clean, ready for some more keen riders. Much better than the hole in the floor that was there before! This was a very good added on feature for my kingdom, much more to my standards.

I see many people on the river, paddling in their canoes. I suppose they are training for the Drak Challenge coming up? This exciting canoe race can be found here: . Me, I prefer to relax and let others do the hard work, after all I am the king. Canoeing is just another water sport that isn’t well suited to cats. But I bet Balam has the best view by far! With a deck that overlooks the uMzimkhulu river, that is the place I can go and watch all the canoeists doing their intense paddling while I can sit back, get adored by all the customers, and have a cup of delicious coffee. With Khotso being the official campsite for the Drak Challenge, I am looking forward to the pampering I am going to get… To book accommodation at Khotso Lodge and Horse Trails visit: .

Until next time! This is Raymond (aka The King of Khotso Lodge and Horse Trails) signing out.

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