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Who said the age of adventure was dead?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Please be invited to join the Old Legs Tour as we pedal across Africa, having fun, doing good, doing epic! Please help us, help others!

The Old Legs are an incredible bunch of people who enjoy cycling crazy distances for a good cause. Originally started to help displaced farmers in Zimbabwe, the initiative has grown to help Zimbabwean pensioners' medical funds. This progression was born when a pensioner tried to solve his gangrenous foot problem by amputating it himself in his kitchen. Unfortunately, the Old Legs were not able to save him but have since helped many pensioners.

The cost of living is astronomical in Zimbabwe after 3 decades of economic deterioration, leaving no spare change for health and medical costs.

One outstanding reason why I have chosen to take part in this mammoth adventure is my late Grandfather. He was off this stock of intrepid pioneers who diligently fought tooth and nail through tough political climates and even tougher bush and soil to make Rhodesia (early Zimbabwe) what it was.

The people of this era, salt of the earth people who worked hard, played hard and loved the country deep in their inner core, had their livelihoods taken from them including land, livestock, local investments and pensions.

They lost their ‘nest egg’ for retirement and the future generations of their family. Some of them live bedridden in extreme agony for want of medical or surgical care. These people need our help to live comfortably in their twilight years.

Help The Old Legs achieve their goal of raising $6000 to fund Zimbabwean Pensioners' much-needed medical procedures.

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