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The Amazing Drak Challenge Races of 2024!

This year’s Drak Challenge was a huge success keeping Khotso on its toes (Or hooves some might say)... With over 190 campers, Khotso was thriving with cheers and laughter. The self-catering log cabin, rondavels and lodges were also thriving.

Everybody enjoying the amazing view and being surrounded by nature. Nothing beats the natural world outdoors, the life, beautiful sunsets, and sunrises, listening to the river and simply being at peace. We are so privileged to share this wonderful place with so many delightful people who travelled from all corners of the world to be with us. The two-day canoe race was one to remember. To watch videos of the amazing canoeists on each day, visit;

The results were promising. To see the hard-working winners visit;

The Challenge was not only for the canoeists, runners and cyclists also got heavily involved. The Euro Steel Drak Descent was epic. To see the results for the incredible two day, 96km race, visit;

For the on-foot trail runners, The Euro Steel Run The Rivers Trail Race also took place. The race was a overall 39km run over the two days. Results for the run can be found here;

We congratulate all those who took part in these three major events. Every time an event like this happens, we are reminded that “The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” – Les Brown.

As the official campsite, we’d like to thank all Khotso staff, volunteers, guests, the Drak Challenge organisers and the Underberg community for making the atmosphere so warm and welcoming. And for making this weekend possible!

For next year’s Drak Challenge, send us an email through to book.

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