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Three multicoloured surprises

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Author ‘horse girl’

None of us saw it coming when we released our beautiful new pinto gelding Cherokee came unto the mountain to meet the other horses at Khotso. A big gelding with beautiful markings was a great addition to our herd and we were excited to see what he would add to the farm. As we skip to a couple years later, we now know that he had quite a few surprises to offer!

Some of our mares started getting rounder and rounder to the point where we started wondering whether they might be pregnant. They couldn’t be! Our stallions all live together in a separate field to the mares. Could one of them have jumped the fence and had some fun in the mountain?

After we started wondering if they might have a bun in the oven, it didn’t take long for the first foal to be born, but how?! It was time to have a better look at our horses in the herd, but it was unlikely for there to be a stallion with the mares.. We finally found out that Cherokee, now a full blown stallion, was never a gelding in the first place!

Bowie, our first born foal, is a beautiful pinto with one blue eye. His mom, Alabama, is a beautiful big black mare with an amazing heart and she’s taking extremely good care of her first baby. Mercy gave birth to foal number two! A beautiful, light brown pinto baby with the funniest eyes, his name is Hopi. Mercy herself is typically … (How do I say this nicely?) a bit of a grouch. She is, however, an incredible mother and protects little Hopi with her life. I’d like to say I get along really well with momma Mercy, but we all know she just loves me because I bring her food every morning. Our third foal is from Pirate, a spicy little baby called Colorado, also a pinto. Colorado loves to play in the field! I'm pretty sure she thinks I’m a horse too from the way she plays with me. We’re incredibly happy with our 3 new additions to the Khotso herd! We definitely made sure to move Cherokee to the stallion herd now but his 3 multicoloured surprises were definitely worth it. Make sure to come check out our beautiful pinto foals during your next visit to Khotso. They are in a big, lush, field next to the drive and (when they’re not napping) they are always up for a cuddle, scratch and play. Xoxo Horse girl

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