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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hi All, Raymond here, for your regular update. I expect you all to take heed of my words as you will probably find that I am one of the last to speaks any sense these days. The world has quite simply gone mad. You will all be glad to know that everyone at Khotso is doing well and staying healthy. The farm is closed for the moment, but the owners and staff remain on the farm. The borders with Lesotho are also closed. Thankfully though, Lesotho has no reported cases of the Coronavirus at the moment. With it being harvesting season everyone is very busy getting their crops in ready for winter.  So at Khotso lockdown is the order of the day, I unfortunately, am far too busy for such frivolities. That said, the peace and quiet has allowed me a little time to reflect on all that has gone before.  There had been a lot of commotion because of the success of the 7 day horse rides and how well they had all faired. Both In The Saddle and Pferd & Reiter as well as Randocheval had been sending so many people over to us with a lot more bookings to come.  Another much talked about event was our oncoming cooperation with our old friends from Terre d’Aventures our multi-day, cross border hikes to Lesotho. Laurene from Capetown and her associate Daniel from France came to stay with us to trial the trip. The reccie was a roaring success and we were able to book 12 groups for 2020. The earlier dates have been postponed, and we remain optimistic that we will be able to pick up the thread this summer when all this kerfuffle has simmered down a little. Outside of the regular, predominantly Danish groups we host from EduAfrica we also have 2 of our longer, more volunteer focused programs on the books with them. The guests will be working in the schools in Lesotho on a variety of projects while still having some time to enjoy this unique culture and stunning scenery. Of course, we must forget our friends at Wild Connection, who hope to be bringing groups from GAP in the UK and give them the chance to experience equine care in South Africa and Lesotho.  Otherwise, you must all keep your eyes peeled as the website is getting a makeover and there are regular updates on Insta and Facebook as well as some prizes to be won. Finally, we are excited to be putting some new more conservation focussed itineraries together ready for the first travellers to come back to our beautiful country.  So make sure you jump online and regularly check it all out! Find us on: #khotsomeanspeace, @teamkhotso (insta) and Khotso Lodge & Horse Trails (fb) Stay well, stay safe, stay positive Ray x (check out pictures from a recent hike)

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