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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

What a palaver! But it’s done. Christmas and New Years. Phew. The campsite was PACKED, all the accommodation was full. No bird nor mouse would come near the place for me to hunt and kill. That said, all human folk kept going on and on about how AMAZING it was and what a great vibe and what fantastic people… blah, blah, blah.

No matter - peace has returned to our little piece of heaven, tucked away in the foothills of the UNESCO site of the Southern Drakensberg. Sure, we still get a few backpackers, campers and/or self catering guests coming through, but in much more manageable proportions. I always find one must keep humans down to manageable proportions lest they think they rule the roost! HA! How wrong they are.

This peace wont last long though. It never does. I can hear their excited chatter about future projects. Our friends from EDUTOURS will be round to visit, hopefully coming for their horse ride and swim in the waterfall with lunch. Then there is much commotion surrounding the 7 DAY HORSE TRAIL TO LESOTHO

with our dear friends from IN THE SADDLE as well as Zara’s Planet and soon from Pferd & Reiter in Germany and Rando Cheval in France

Moreover, plans are being made for new and old groups of youngsters returning to do their OUTDOOR ADVENTURE RIDE to LESOTHO with optional volunteering at a variety of projects up there.

Well, as you can tell, lots going on. And me clearly having to orchestrate the lot from behind the scenes. Must dash now. There’s killings to be done and pellets to be eaten.

Cool cats: keep it real…. keep it Khotso.

Raymond xx

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