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Drak Challenage 2023 was awesome!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Khotso played host to the two-day canoe marathon in Underberg and it went off...

At Khotso, we are so grateful to not only host but entertain campers and accommodate guests who come from all directions to celebrate the annual Drak Challenge Weekend.

On Saturday evening, the atmosphere was set sublimely by the rustic firelight, acoustic accompaniment by local band Born to Fire, our locally sourced lamb on the spit with an array of delicious food and met by everyone’s mutual enthusiasm for the great outdoors. With a common love of adventure and sport, all those present came together creating a weekend to remember!

A mountainous thank you to all our staff and volunteers for making an outstanding weekend possible!

Please check out the link for the Drak challenge 2023 video

Send us an e-mail to book at A big thank you to everyone that was there making it extra special this year.

Check out some pics from Khotso camp. What a great weekend!

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