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Lesotho Expeditions are back on, and we couldn’t be more excited!!

Like so much of the world, Lesotho and South Africa locked down hard at the start of the pandemic. South Africa shut all its land borders, including our route into the Mountain Kingdom.

It was a strange time in so many ways, but shielded, as we were here at Khotso, from many of the physical effects of lockdown (curfews and stay at home orders hit different when home is 1000 hectares of farmland), the inability to get into Lesotho was a stark reminder of the world’s situation.

From Khotso we can see Lesotho. Look west in the evening, the sun disappears behind the Drakensberg range, barely 30km away. The tops of the range are all in Lesotho, with the border tracing the watershed line - rain falling in Lesotho flows eventually into the Atlantic, rain falling on the SA side has the much shorter journey to the Indian Ocean.

To see Lesotho, our home from home, scene of our greatest adventures, but not be able to get there was not just a huge frustration. It was also a logistical nightmare. Our lodge at Thamatu needed maintaining, wages needed to be paid, dogs to be fed, supplies were stored ready for upcoming trips etc.

Gradually, borders opened and we were able to get round to the lodge in the truck, but finally, only this month, over 2 years after the border closed, have we been able to start taking guests back through Bushmans Nek as part of our famous Lesotho expeditions.

What joy to pass again through the National Park, gallop the open plains, great our friends in the villages, drink deep from the mountain streams, and most importantly, to be able to share this place and this experience that we all truly love.

Lesotho expeditions are back on - we couldn’t be more excited.

Our three day expeditions start early at the farm, with a heart breakfast to fuel us before transporting both you and our horses to the border post. Here, we get stamped out of SA, mount up and ride through into the wilderness.

We climb the Drakensberg, occasionally dismounting to lead our trusty horses over the more technical terrain. Lunch is at the top of the pass, before the open plains of the Sehoabathebe National Park open up before us with plentiful opportunities to canter and gallop (experience and comfort dependant).

That afternoon, we’ll drop down into the village where we stay at our own private lodge. Warm ourselves by the fire and share stories of the day over a heart home cooked meal.

Day two is circular loop taking us deeper into Lesotho, we’ll explore spectacular gorges, uncover bushman paintings, and pass through rural Basotho villages, otherwise untouched by tourism.

Our third day takes us home via a spectacular waterfall and the perfectly named Valley of the Wild Horses, before descending the pass back to South Africa.

Get in touch with us at or on 0824125540 for more details and to book your Lesotho Expedition. Longer journeys and hiking options available on request - we’re happy to try and tailor to your needs.

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