Come and see for yourself

Khotso welcomes absolutely everyone. We feel incredibly lucky to call this magnificent place home and we make no apologies for placing a heavy emphasis on our surroundings, our charming and rustic style and the great outdoors.

We’re not a hotel, we’re not a big resort with 1000s of beds, there are no TV screens spoiling the view of the mountain or the fire, we’re not excited by faceless customer service; we’re big enough to look after you and small enough to be flexible and make your trip unique and work for you.

Khotso is a working horse and sheep farm. There are animals here. Including our amazing dogs and cats. We all love them very much. We’re also on a mountainside. In Summer it can get muddy and in Winter it can get dusty. We go out of our way at all times of the day to make sure everything is clean and that you are comfortable. You, our guests, are most important for us. Please don’t arrive and ask why the horses are running down the drive, or what the sheep are for… If you’re not happy with something, ask us. We want you to have the best time possible - that’s why we do this in the first place.